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Welcome to ePrivatePay!

We are your go-to USA Gold Standard for

  • Easy banking and Merchant Services solutions in the legal, licensed and compliant Medical and Adult Recreational Marijuana Industries.

Why handle bulky, hard to protect mounds of cash?

With ePrivatePay you’ll

  • Glide through your credit card transactions speedily, safely, secured in deposit and checking accounts
  • with full privileges
  • in USA banks.

We’ve got PC/Android based

  • in-store and mobile solutions, 
  • countertop Veriphone 570 terminals,
  • FREE Debit Cards,
  • Checking/Deposit Accounts,
  • cashless ATMs, and more…

We’ve got solutions for all your concerns.  

Talk to us.  We’re here to help you succeed!

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ePrivatePay: Your Money’s Safe


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